BS 8453

Compliance, but not as you know it…

BS 8453 Compliance framework for regulated financial services firms sets out a professional framework for an effective compliance management system. Developed in collaboration with a group of trade associations, industry practitioners and professional bodies, BS 8453 provides a set of agreed measures that will achieve a transparent compliance culture.


By implementing BS 8453, your senior management can achieve peace of mind that your business is following best practice and can demonstrate that your compliance function is robust.


BS 8453 can be used as a benchmarking tool by those working in compliance oversight functions, those with audit and assurance responsibilities within a business, and by external compliance consultants.


The standard encompasses:


  • Guiding principles
  • The compliance culture
  • Transparency
  • Independence
  • Authority
  • Adequacy of resources
  • Confidentiality
  • The compliance framework (includes responsibilities, risk management, ongoing monitoring, training, reporting, regulatory relations, controls and supervision)
  • Best practice tools, templates and guides


Understanding, implementing and adhering to this British standard of excellence will increase your professionalism and accountability, providing peace of mind to your business.


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