A selection of questions we are frequently asked:


What is the difference between the standards?

BS 8577 is awarded to a financial planning business and relates to the operational processes of the firm and the team as a whole.

BS 8453 is awarded to a financial planning business and recognises the firm’s compliance processes.

ISO 2222 is awarded to  an individual financial planner and relates to how the planner evidences their own competency.

The Paraplanner Standard™ is awarded to an individual paraplanner and relates to how the paraplanner evidences their own competency.


BS 8577 does require that advisers within the firm are adhering to the clauses of ISO 22222.


How long will the process take overall?

We would suggest that, from the date of initial engagement with us, a firm should target to have their certification programme completed within 12 months. For many firms and planners they want to complete the process much quicker and this can be achieved by embracing the project generic for zovirax from the outset.


How much does the process cost?

Costs vary from planner to planner and firm to firm which is why the first part of the process is for us to find out a bit more about you, your business and why you are looking to explore the certification process. Once we have this information we will be very happy to put together a personalised proposal.


How many firms and individuals have achieved certification?

These figures are always increasing and up to date information can be obtained from the Standards International office. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide this information to you. You can also learn more about our certified clients here.