The Paraplanner Standard

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The Paraplanner Standard- Requirements for international professional paraplanners™ is a brand new standard, created by a sector committee with representation from financial services business owners, employers, financial professionals, practice managers, compliance managers, technical and client administrators and, of course, paraplanners themselves.


Designed to provide clarity as well as raise the bar, The Paraplanner Standard™ offers a clear career path for both those attracted to and already performing this vital function. The standard looks beyond academic knowledge, providing a framework and offering an evaluation of a specific set of skills, all of which are applicable to effectively performing the role of an international professional paraplanner.


The Paraplanner Standard™ defines the role of an international professional paraplanner at three levels, Trainee, Certified and Advanced Certified.


A professional benchmark of best practice


Adherence  to this best practice standard of excellence will cultivate your professional development by recognising and celebrating the pivotal role paraplanning plays in the financial planning business of the future. Benefits include:


  • A clearly defined benchmark of excellence, providing a path for personal development
  • Increased opportunities for career growth both within the UK and overseas
  • Deserved recognition from financial professionals and the sector as a whole, resulting in greater autonomy in the role
  • A pre-designed training and development programme for aspiring and practising paraplanners, supporting role retention, motivation and development
  • Clarity over the role’s skills, abilities and expectations for financial services organisations looking to expand their teams
  • Evidence of commitment to continual improvement and ongoing personal development through
    independent third-party certification


To join  a unique group of certified paraplanners, please contact us for further information.


***STOP PRESS*** The  window  for our initial certification intake has now closed and we look forward to  working with our first round of candidates as  The Paraplanner Standard™ launches.  Please follow us on  social media for the latest updates and further information as our  newest certification scheme gets underway. Copies of The Paraplanner Standard™ will soon be available for pre-order in our online shop.

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“As the profession develops at lightning pace, we are crying out for new blood and this won’t happen unless we celebrate and promote paraplanning as something to be aspired to.


This standard is an opportunity for firms to attract, retain and develop world-class paraplanners, enabling them to free up their advisers and vastly improve the robustness of their advice, their technical prowess and their business processes.”

– Jenny Ryan, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP


“The only way financial planning and advice can be future-proofed is for planners to have the freedom to plan and paraplanners  to have the freedom to paraplan.”

– Michelle Hoskin, Standards International Ltd