Let’s take this to a new level!

IMG_0485There has been much debate and discussion this year around the potential need for a paraplanner standard and how best to measure professionalism, expertise and knowledge in the paraplanning space.


We believe that in order to achieve the goals set by so many it’s going to take new, creative thinking!


At Standards International we have 10 years’ experience  assessing and supporting individuals and firms  to achieve higher standards.


So, let’s leverage our expertise, together with your expertise, and take the idea of a paraplanning standard to a whole new level. It will require new ideas, fresh innovation and thinking outside of the box. We can, together, make this  become a reality, embraced in the hearts of every paraplanner in the UK and beyond.


If you are a paraplanner, administrator, business owner, financial adviser or anyone with a vested interest in raising professional standards within financial services, across all roles, please join us at 9.30am on 14 October and let’s see if we really can take this to the next level!


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