Our team

Michelle Hoskin

(The WOWW!)


Where they live: Hitchin, in the heart of beautiful Hertfordshire.

Their family and interests: My quality free time is super-special to me. Being a mummy to my little Ruby Mae  takes up most of my free time, so when we are together we make sure that we do lots of fun stuff. When I do get a chance to focus on myself, I enjoy hanging out with my yummy mummy girlfriends, doing things that give me goosebumps, making green smoothies (don’t ask) and keeping myself in tip-top shape!

Their role in the company: I am the founder of Standards International and the Director of WOWW!

What they love most about their role: I think I have the best job in the world! I get to create magic and share my passion with my team and our clients every day. I love spending time with clients and learning about their biggest challenges so that I can design the best solutions to support them to create a truly WOWW! life and business. I am so lucky to be supported by an amazing team who are committed to delivering their best in everything they do, all the time.

Martin Collett

(The Calculator)


Where they live: Hitchin, in the heart of beautiful Hertfordshire.

Their family and interests: I am a very proud father to my daughter Ruby  and spend every minute I can with her. When I’m not with her, you’ll find me either fine tuning my handicap on the golf course or cheering on the mighty Spurs.

Their role in the company: I am the Finance Manager for the business, managing everything to do with the day-to-day finances of Standards International.

What they love most about their role: I’ve worked closely with Michelle since  Standards  International  was founded and I love to see great ideas return great value for both the business and our clients. From hard times to good, so many of our clients have been with us the whole way!

Helen Trumper

(The Sidekick)


Where they live: Sandy Llandudno – TripAdvisor’s number one seaside resort in the UK 2016!

Their family and interests: I love cooking and making cocktails for my friends and family and enjoy taking care of my lovely cats.

Their role in the company: I am the Executive Assistant to Michelle Hoskin.

What they love most about their role: I thrive on working closely with Michelle, managing her action-packed diary, spreading the message of WOWW! worldwide and  helping to  deliver the highest quality service possible to our clients.

Dee Ruan

(The Mechanic)


Where they live: Leafy south-west London, not far from where a few tennis balls get hit every now and then!

Their family and interests: Hailing from the Caribbean, for me happiness is the sea, sand and sunshine, but now I’m a Londoner I get my annual tropical fix at Notting Hill Carnival.

I love the South Bank, Schnauzer  walks and firmly believe that chocolate is the answer to everything!

Their role in the company: As the  Business Manager, I control the engine room that keeps us running day to day. I look after our internal operations but also the tools and materials that we use when delivering services to our wonderful clients.

What they love most about their role: Working with really great people,  both inside WOWW! HQ and beyond. The inspiring bundle of positive energy that is Michelle Hoskin makes every day an exciting opportunity!

Kelsey Kimsey

(The Heart)


Where they live: Lovely Watton-at-Stone village in  Hertfordshire.

Their family and interests: I live with my boyfriend Paul and when I’m not spending time with family and friends,  you’ll find me travelling. I’ve visited  many countries in my 26 years, from Indonesia to South Africa to New Zealand, and plan on exploring many more!

My evenings consist of gym classes and long walks in the countryside with our  new family pups. I also have a slight obsession with Nando’s – my friends think I’m addicted to chicken!

Their role in the company: I’m the Service Delivery  & Relationship Assistant, Marketing & Communications Assistant and Operations Assistant – I keep WOWW! HQ running smoothly!

What they love most about their role:  Variety!    And by working closely with  our clients,  I really get to know them and their businesses.  I’m  loving the ethos and the fab team at SI!

Alison Owen

(The Anchor)


Where they live: In a small village called Urquhart, close to the Moray Firth coastline in North East Scotland.

Their family and interests: I have three children: one is 29 and lives and works in London, and the younger two live with me and go to school here in Scotland.

I am an avid Crystal Palace fan who also now follows Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

We love the outdoor life buying zovirax ointment that our new home brings us – fresh air, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife literally on our doorstep.

Their role in the company: I am a Certification Scheme Assessor.

What they love most about their role: I have worked with Standards International now for a number of years and find my role very rewarding. Every firm and financial planner is different, both in their personalities and in the way they work. It is exceptionally satisfying when the processes behind the standards we promote are seen to provide excellent value to businesses, key individuals and their teams.

Joanne Mullen

(The Sparkle)


Where they live:  I  live in a Grade II listed property in a quintessentially English village at the foot of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

Their family and interests:  With a  passion for travel,  I believe in making the most of every day. I love experiencing the great outdoors, whether that be the coast, in the countryside or the garden (usually in the vegetable plot!).

After losing my Mum too early,  I really value my health and enjoy spending time in the weights room with the big boys, spinning or Pilates and even the odd game of tennis!

Their role in the company:  I am a Certification Scheme Assessor and WOWW! Coach.

What they love most about their role:  Being able to have the opportunity to work alongside, and to share my experience and best practice ideas with like-minded, energetic, awesome individuals, who all have the same values, vision and passion for the financial services industry!    

Colin Selway

(The Rock-er)


Where they live:  Hayes – Middlesex, not Greater London! Just close enough to Heathrow Airport to dream about being on one of those outbound flights to destinations unknown.

Their family and interests: I met my wife Jan at school and more than 40 years later we are still going strong. My son Glenn, having studied history at university, is now in full-time employment, while my daughter Kiera is currently  enjoying uni (and also studying history). As a family, travel has been and remains an important part of our lives and Florida is by far our favourite destination. Classic rock and blues music are also my passions and it doesn’t get any better than seeing bands playing live.

Like Martin, I am a keen golfer and avid Spurs fan.

Their role in the company: I am a Certification Scheme Assessor.

What they love most about their role: I’ve  embraced this  chance to ‘give back’. It’s always been important to me to ensure that people receive a fully rounded, quality advisory service and my role with SI allows me to spend time with our wonderful clients, who strive to embrace and demonstrate the highest of standards when it comes to their businesses and processes.

Andrew Dutton

(The Strategist)


Where they live: I live in Leek, a traditional market town on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

Their family and interests: It’s important to me to keep fit and healthy. Living in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands enables me to indulge my passion for mountain biking and exercising my two golden retrievers.

Their role in the company: I am a Certification Scheme Assessor.

What they love most about their role: I’m passionate about helping people to achieve more from life. It’s what first attracted me to financial planning, and then to Michelle and Standards International.

Being a part of a fantastic team who inspire each other, and our clients, to achieve ever-higher standards of professionalism and operational excellence is very exciting. Seeing at first hand the benefits of what we do – happier, healthier and wealthier individuals, teams, businesses and, by extension, their clients – makes it all worthwhile.


Alina Burlacu

(The Thinker)


Where they live: The (sometimes) sunny and most definitely leafy Reigate, surrounded by the outstandingly beautiful Surrey Hills.

Their family and interests: Like most full-time working mums out there, life is relentless while we keep multiple plates spinning! But I am most grateful to be the proud mum of two witty and inspiring boys. They teach me new things every day, especially how you can find joy in little things such as picking up funny-looking conkers.
Free time is scarce; however, I carve out time for my indoor cycling class in the early hours and love to feed my mind with the latest thinking of the great and the good.

Their role in the company: I am a Certification Scheme Assessor and WOWW! Coach.

What they love most about their role:  I have a part to play in the very best profession. The challenges of our unknown future are so much more exciting than the stories of our past accomplishments. So, my mission is to help clients, as individuals and businesses, to shape a vivid vision of their best selves, unleash their superpowers, and feel empowered to go after their dreams with a sound plan, boundless energy and clear purpose.