The Little Book of WOWW!


The Little Book of WOWW!™ – AVAILABLE NOW


I couldn’t help myself! It had to be written!


I am super excited about this… The Little Book of WOWW!™ is a follow-up to my first book, Best Practice Makes Perfect, and is all about injecting some energy and 5* sparkle into today’s ‘compliant heavy’ client experience and journey!


It was written with input from my  good  friend and colleague, Canada-based Mike Morrow and together we set out to achieve a go-to buy zovirax cream uk resource for financial planners, directors of WOWW! and all those who want to deliver a WOWW! client experience but quite simply don’t know where to start!


We were thrilled to preview the book during the MDRT Down Under Tour and it went  down an absolute treat!


The book  is now  available to  buy via  and I’d really love your feedback on it, so please  email me your comments on


Big  WOWW! love… Michelle x