Impartiality statement

At Standards International we take our  status as a certification body  extremely seriously. One of  our key requirements  is that we remain impartial when making the decision as to whether to award certification.


We love our clients, and we know they love us because we will never compromise on professionalism. The following controls explain how we remain impartial:

To ensure impartiality is maintained, ALL applicants, candidates, clients and certified persons are required to follow the same documented certification process, as detailed within the Standards International Quality Management System.

Assessors (personnel involved in the certification activities) must inform the Service Delivery and Relationship Assistant of any potential conflict of interest as soon as it has been identified.

Standards International clients are asked to alert the Service Delivery and Relationship Assistant of any known or potential conflicts of interest with their appointed assessor as soon as they are identified.

The structure of Standards International is such that it safeguards impartiality. This includes provisions to assure clients of the impartiality of the assessors and to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

All employees and subcontractors are requested to immediately report any potential conflicts of interest to the Service Delivery and Relationship Assistant.

Any known potential conflicts of interest raised with the Service Delivery and Relationship Assistant will then be passed the Quality Director. A decision will be made in consultation with senior management as to whether Standards International Ltd can continue with the certification of the client. This decision will be logged on the Impartiality Risk Log and it will be presented for validation at the next meeting of the Standards International Best Practice Development Forum.

If the Standards International Best Practice Development Forum validates the decision then no further action is required. If the Best Practice Development Forum does not validate the decision, certification of the client will be placed under a further review. If necessary and when appropriate, the client will also be informed.

Confidentially and impartially are continually reviewed through:

  • Internal audits
  • External Assessments
  • Best Practice Development Forum meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Management meetings
  • Standards International Impartiality Risk Log
  • Standards International Risk, Opportunities and Objectives Register

An assessor shall disclose that information provided during the certification scheme is kept confidential and also explain the measures in place to assure the client that the assessment is completely confidential and impartial.

Standards International Ltd shall ensure that its activities and the activities of any related bodies do not compromise the confidentiality and impartiality of its certification service, by having the Standards International Quality Management System and certification scheme processes audited at least annually by an appointed internal auditor, in addition to external surveillance audits.

Those persons engaged in certification assessments and the review of recommendations for certification shall not directly engage with clients unless it is for the purpose of conducting a certification assessment. Any queries outside of the assessment must be directed to the Service Delivery and Relationship Manager or Assistant.

Any staff member or contractor must follow the Scheme Eligibility Process as described in the Certification Scheme Process (OP03) to ensure that impartiality is maintained.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us.