The Paraplanner Standard

It’s your time to shine…

The Paraplanner Standard™ – Requirements for International Professional Paraplanners was created by a sector committee with representation from financial services business owners, employers, financial professionals, practice managers, compliance managers, technical and client administrators and, of course, paraplanners themselves.


It looks beyond academic knowledge and offers an evaluation of the specific set of skills, principles and behaviours needed to excel in this role.


The Paraplanner Standard™ defines the role of an International Professional Paraplanner™ at three levels: Trainee, Certified and Advanced Certified.

Understanding, implementing and adhering to this best practice standard of excellence will enhance your professional development by recognising and celebrating the pivotal role paraplanning plays in the financial planning business of the future.

Certification encompasses:


  • An insight into the future of the financial services sector
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Remuneration and rewards
  • Essential and desirable skills and abilities
  • Principles and behaviours
  • A roadmap for learning and development
  • The role specification for an international professional paraplanner
  • 360° degree feedback
  • Ongoing continual improvement

Certification to The Paraplanner Standard™ can be delivered via membership to The Standards International Academy™ or standalone. Details of fees can be found here (contact us directly to explore multiple membership applications and/or international applications). You can purchase your copy of The Paraplanner Standard™ in our online shop.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from our certified community:


“I don’t believe there is currently enough for paraplanners to aspire to and work towards or a benchmark in place which encourages them to continuously improve. A lot of the exams available are geared towards financial advice. For those who want to be paraplanners not advisers, the Standard is one of the only things out there that celebrates and promotes paraplanning.”

Reece Edwards, Hampshire Hill

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