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The WOWW!® Workshop™


Our super-charged showcase event, The WOWW!® Workshop™ returns in 2021 on three key dates:

Wednesday 21 April

Wednesday 7 July

Wednesday 10 November


If you’re feeling ready to achieve WOWW!®, why not book your space for the April 2021 workshop using the registration button below:

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Designed to give a taster of what Standards International ​believes in – how everyone has the power to realise their​ extraordinary potential – The WOWW!® Workshop™​ brings together some of our best tips and tricks into ​a one-day experience, hosted by Michelle Hoskin.​


​If you are, or someone in your business/someone you​ know is, running a little low on mojo and could use an ​injection of WOWW!® to recapture your/their sparkle, these ​workshops are not to be missed!​​


This workshop will take place remotely. Tickets are £97 + VAT in the UK and the equivalent to £97 globally.


A donation from every ticket will be made to Phase, our local charity partner, based in Hitchin, who work with young people to promote their wellbeing and resilience.


Learn more about these workshops here.

Don’t just take our word for it… Here’s some feedback from attendees who joined us for The WOWW!® Workshop™​ in 2020.


‘I need to work on me and how to manage a business effectively, i am a director by accident, i never wanted to run a business, just be an awesome financial planner….

I have sat every exam possible, but never worked on me… this (workshop) has changed that and I will be signing up to the 2 year programme, and putting me and my practice at the forefront now and going forward – THANK YOU!!!’ 

-Kate Gannon, Themis Wealth Management


‘I’ve known Michelle and liked her presentations for a few years now but never done one of her workshops. I wasn’t disappointed! She was energetic, inspiring and challenged my thinking in the right ways. My biggest takeaway? A good exercise to create a really clear future vision (along with objectives) of what success means to me which I’ve worked on after the session. Great workshop from one of my favourite people!’

-Matt Aitchison, Clear Vision Financial Planning Ltd