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Following an amazing number of sign-ups from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, we are thrilled to announce we have awarded our very first candidate the new accolade of Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified.


Michelle Boakes, a UK-based financial planner, is the first person to successfully complete the final assessment process following the online learning provided by the course platform. A true champion for awareness of this significant topic, she has also contributed some valuable bonus content to the course detailing her own personal experience of financial abuse.


We couldn’t be more proud to welcome Michelle into our certified family!


Learn more about the course and how to apply via our dedicated website page.


In the first of a trio of recent podcast appearances, Michelle talks to Amie Baker, a Sydney-based Certified Money Coach, Financial Planner and Certified Archetype Business Coach.


Michelle explores the vitally important topic of financial abuse, a subject close to our hearts, in this podcast conversation with South African host Francois Du Toit CFP®.

XY Adviser…

Concluding a trio of recent podcasts, Michelle chats with Clayton Daniel in the 200th podcast episode for XY Adviser, the social network for financial advisers in Australia.

Happiness is…

In the July/August issue of Professional Paraplanner magazine, Michelle explores the 5 core pillars of wellbeing and how these can help us all to be happier humans (pages 14-15).

Don’t dominate…

Michelle explains in this article for Money Marketing why dominating your support team just doesn’t work, and how delegation and collaboration is key to effective organisation.

Bringing it…

Listen to Michelle on The Innovating Advice Show (Ep49) where explains how we are bringing professionalism and operational excellence to financial advisory businesses.


We’re proud to announce the launch of a new, global certification initiative to raise awareness of, educate around and recognise excellence in the handling of cases of suspected financial abuse.


Created in partnership with Amanda Cassar, global ambassador for financial abuse, this all-new online learning and assessment course consists of a combination of subject reading, links to additional resource materials and a series of powerful video case studies.


Check out some press articles outlining the launch of the course below:


Money Marketing UK- Economic abuse training for financial advisers launches

Risk Info Australia – New Accreditation for Advice on Financial Abuse

Money Marketing UK – How to help clients through financial abuse


Learn more about the course and apply via our dedicated website page.

Disaster strikes…

In May’s issue of IFA Magazine, Michelle speaks directly about the need for confidence during tricky times.

The real picture…

In this New Model Adviser article Michelle explores how good firms value their staff, client and non-client facing, equally.

Success in succession…

Michelle collaborates with Louise Jeffreys of Gunner & Co in this IFA Magazine article focusing on the benefits of succession planning.

The big question…

Our WOWW!® Programme™ client, Nicola Watts of Jane Smith Financial Planning, explains the importance of understanding our purpose to Illuminate here.

Our recertification…

We’re delighted to have passed our ISO 9001 recertification assessment with BSI, receiving  two ‘Opportunities for Improvement’ – which we can’t wait to act upon!

Design to deliver…

Read Michelle’s article in Money Marketing highlighting how thorough planning and decision making are key to successful growth.

Joining the dots…

Our client, Paul Richardson of Concept FP, explains to New Model Adviser here  the increasing role  mental health plays in financial planning.

A business remodel…

Our  WOWW!® Programme ™ client, Bev Tyrell of Matthews Comfort, explains their journey of transformation to Illuminate here.

Succession planning…

Succession needn’t be scary. Read our guide to planning  ahead via  Illuminate here.

Who is your keeper of quality?

Michelle  introduces BS 8453 and the role of gatekeeper of quality  in  T-CNews Online  here.

The best of the best…

Michelle shares a ‘hit list’ of the key essential attributes for  top paraplanners in   Money  Marketing.

You don’t have to be blue…

Read  Michelle’s  take on what’s often missing in communication and branding  via   Illuminate here.

Professional Paraplanner

Towards the end of 2019 we collaborated with Professional Paraplanner on articles, together with being mentioned by them in other pieces. A collection of links to these  is shown below:

Paraplanners – it’s time to lean in

Intelligent Office awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status

The Paraplanner Standard™ – 2019 review by Michelle Hoskin


And  we are thrilled to kick-start 2020 with another  exciting announcement!…:

Eparaplan puts entire team through the paraplanning standard


We’re super excited to announce Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office practice management system has been awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status  in relation to the ISO22222 standard and The Paraplanner Standard™.  This is the first time ‘Approved Associate System’ status has been awarded to a technology-based system and it recognises the contribution Intelligent Office makes to planners and paraplanners striving to achieve high standards of best practice.


Michelle Hoskin, founder of Standards International, comments:

“We carried out detailed analysis of Intelligent Office to see how it measured up in supporting individuals seeking to achieve certification to our standards. We were extremely impressed at how planners and paraplanners who fully utilise the functionality of, and tools within, the system can demonstrate reaching the high standards demanded of both ISO22222 and The Paraplanner Standard™. It is a massive achievement for Intelligent Office to be awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status and it is the first practice management system to do so. Others should watch what Intelliflo is doing with a close eye as they are clear leaders in this area, both within the UK and abroad.”


For further details, read the Intelligent Office press release here.

There’s more to pricing than just costs…

Michelle explains why this is true  in Illuminate here.

Make your exit a success…

Michelle outlines in  Money  Marketing  some of her best top tips when  it comes to  exit-planning.

Deliver the client journey you really want…

Read  Michelle’s tips for designing the ultimate client experience via  Illuminate here.

First paraplanner to achieve The Paraplanner Standard™


In July 2019 Reece Edwards of Nottingham-based Hampshire Hill Group  became the first person to achieve Certified International Professional Paraplanner™ (CIPP) status and we couldn’t be more proud!


In Reece’s own words:

‘Being the first paraplanner to be certified is a huge honour and an achievement I am very proud of. On a personal level, it has given me, as a Paraplanner, something to work towards each year in order to continue to improve. This is something I have felt has been missing within the Paraplanning community for some time. As time goes on, I feel like Paraplanners are going to become more and more important within financial services and would love to see more and more employers give their support to their paraplanners, as Hampshire Hill has done for me. In all honesty, the assessment itself with Michelle and Andrew was an enjoyable experience and the feedback given was constructive and helpful. Working within a firm with BS8577 and with 4 investment advisers with ISO 22222 gave me a huge “leg-up” in terms having processes in place in order to achieve the standard but the support I have been given from the firm has been invaluable and now I look forward to progressing and improving through my long (very long!) career.’


Read more about Reece’s appreciation for the standard and his experience of the assessment process in Professional Paraplanner.

Do you treat your team like you treat your clients?

Read Michelle’s article in Illuminate here.

Take time to plan your business strategy…

Michelle outlines in Citywire  why it’s key to take time for vital planning

Why you need to reconnect with your purpose…

Read why this is so important on Illuminate here.

Have you got what it takes to be a leader?

Running a business in financial services is no walk in the park! Here Michelle explains how to tackle common leadership hurdles.

Setting the standard…

Michelle discusses the benefits of quality standards in financial services for IFA Magazine.

One of our lovely clients, Nicola Watts of Jane Smith Financial Planning, explains to Financial Planning Today  how she has achieved her dream of  finding  work-life balance.

Watch here and contact  us at to turn this into an opportunity.

The WOWW! Hour™

Watch as Little Miss WOWW!™ catches up with Iain Mackie of Fraser Wealth Management.