The 8 Proven Principles for Perfection Review


Which is  why we’re constantly striving for more creative and innovative ways to support them through the complexities and challenges they face every day.


These challenges distract them from becoming the best possible version of themselves and we have seen first hand the detrimental impact such challenges have on them and their businesses.


Challenges we commonly encounter include:


  • No clear vision of their true purpose
  • No plan through which the vision and goals will be achieved
  • Poor team management and leadership skills
  • Under-resourced, inadequately skilled and poorly trained teams
  • Inefficient workflow and task management processes
  • Ineffective time and diary management
  • A  lack of practice management guidelines, operational procedures and unique house style.


Watch Michelle outline these challenges in more detail:



Through our team of WOWW! Coaches, we are committed to supporting our clients by helping them implement the strategies and solutions that will positively eliminate the impact of these distractions on them and their businesses.


Our process starts with The  8 Proven Principles for Perfection™  Review, which allows us to spend time with  a client  and  their team to ‘look under the bonnet’ of  the business. Once we know what’s great and what’s not, we  can  help  and support  the business, and the client,  to  achieve their short, medium and long-term aspirations and ideals.


This unique process has been developed over many years, as we believe that total best practice can only be achieved by creating a structured and supported environment in which every individual can utilise their unique abilities to create an amazing experience for their clients.


Once  The  8 Proven Principles for Perfection™  Review is complete, we will be in a perfect position to guide and advise  on what to do next. This may include internal operational and process changes, or team restructure and recruitment. For clients seeking a longer-term and more hands-on approach, we would be happy to take a place on their management team and lead  the business in all areas of operations.


Don’t just take our word for it! Watch Eoin McGee of Prosperous Financial describe his experience of The  8 Proven Principles for Perfection™  Review:


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“Michelle and the team delivered an engaging, relevant and thought provoking session with us, which has helped us to clarify our goals and the direction of the business. Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and help to bring a great pace to the meeting. She is also highly knowledgeable and brings fresh ideas to the table. I would highly recommend utilising the services of Standards International, especially if you need a new lease of life injecting into your firm.”

– Charlotte Colton, Efficient Portfolio


I have never met anyone who has been able to  understand me as well as you have; yesterday was a remarkable day.

As I am sure you will sense, I was/am delighted with the way things went yesterday and am sure it will be remembered as pivotal when we look back in years to come and reflect on what it was that led us to having the amazing business that will have benefitted so many people in the most wonderful variety of ways.” 

– Mark Cooper, Planned Horizons


“It was a fantastic experience!”

-Alistair Creevy, Independent Advisers (Scotland) Ltd


“We have such a clear focus, we have clarity on where we are going, not just this year or next year, but for the next ten or fifteen years, thanks Michelle!”

– Eoin McGee, Prosperous Financial