The WOWW! by Design Development Programme


Experience our  market-leading development programme  for operations, business development and practice management.


As we know, for many progressive and entrepreneurial firms in financial services it has been a frustrating few years. Firms have been struck by many debilitating challenges, any of which (unless addressed right here, right now) could prevent them from achieving and delivering on their true potential.


Well, thank goodness, we got our ducks in a row  and  launched  one of the greatest professional development programmes to hit financial services – The WOWW! by Design Development Programme™ – a unique two-year business transformation journey.


So, is this programme right for you? Only you can decide, but if any of the following seem familiar, then we’d say it absolutely is!


  • You’re stuck, just stuck!! You’re not making any progress, you’re going round in circles and feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall.
  • You’re tired of repeating yourself every day, trying to get the team to buy in to what you’re aiming to do.
  • There’s a key member of your team who, despite their amazingness, is getting bored and frustrated by the lack of support and development in their role. It means they may actually leave!
  • You just know there has to be a better way of running your business (which you love more than anything), but have no idea where to start.
  • You don’t just want a good business, you want an amazing  over-the-counter business. You want your business to be not just about professionalism, qualifications and accolades, compliance and service proposition, but you want it to be WOWWing the socks off everyone,  all of the time!


So what do you reckon? Right for you or have we scared you to death?  If it’s the former, then you’d better get moving because this may be the thing that changes your life and your business for ever!


The WOWW! by Design Development Programme™ has been specifically created by Michelle  and the Standards International team to support business owners and Practice Managers/Operations Managers/Business Managers through a transformative journey from WOE to WOWW!


Want to learn more?


WATCH Michelle Hoskin introduce The WOWW! by Design Development Programme™  here.


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READ  some of the inspiring testimonials from those who have undertaken the journey, like these:


“As a mature, successful business we could have rested on our laurels and carried on, slowly evolving as times change.   This would have been the easiest path to follow. Instead, we decided we needed an in depth review.  We needed to find someone to challenge our systems and processes, with a view to being even better at what we do that we already are.  The WOWW! Programme is hard work but rewarding. Change takes time and commitment from everyone in the team.   However, we’re already a better business with clearer goals and objectives. The people we’ve met on this journey are happy to share their experiences and together, we are having fun, learning, improving and building better businesses with which to serve our clients.”

-Dave Lamb, Gibson Lamb


“It is brilliant when building a firm and most importantly a culture, to be able to look at others that you admire and can take best practice from. This will be our best calendar financial year ever on all possible metrics. Seeing as March to June played out almost every element of our disaster scenario this really is an amazing achievement. Total credit has to go to my team in their ability to adapt and really pull together, however I am sure we would not have had the team in place, the structures or the organisation to make it happen half as efficiently had we not completed the WOWW!  Programme.

Most importantly for me I now have that team and culture and sound foundations to be able to finally build the financial planning practice that I have dreamed of, with people around me that I love working with and I hope love working at Becketts. The speed in which we have developed to get to this current place has been boosted by the WOWW! Programme and so, for me, the value we have gotten out of it is way beyond the cost of it. I look forward to being part of the Standards International family for a long time to come!”

-Dominic McLoughney, Becketts


Our inaugural group of WOWW! Officers™ graduated from the very first intake of The WOWW! by Design Development Programme™ in December 2018 – congratulations to an awesome group of Officers and businesses!


Our second intake of  The WOWW!  by Design Development Programme™   are approaching the conclusion of their journey. Our third intake  was excited to embark upon  their road to  transformation in January 2020 and we have a fourth intake fully subscribed and ready to begin in January 2021!


If you’re ready to  achieve your WOWW! by Design!,  you’re in luck! We are now taking applications for our next intake, which will begin in  January 2022. Apply using the button above right. We look forward to  taking you on  an incredible  journey to achieve your true potential!





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Apply now  to join  the 2022 intake of The WOWW! by Design Development Programme™. 


Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some fabulous feedback from our past and present programme members:


“From where we came from to where we are now feels amazing. That feeling of not knowing what I was doing when I first started this journey is now a distant memory. Thank you for your support, kindness, patience and the outstanding sharing of knowledge and skills. Looking forward to the next chapter!”

– Tracy Wernham, Simple Solutions Wealth Management


“Six months into the programme, we are being constantly challenged to make the changes that will turn us from a successful business to a “WOWW!” business.  We can see a structure that will mean we can drive the business forward, with a clear vision of what needs to happen and when”

– Nicola Watts, Jane Smith Financial Planning


“I feel very confident that we can now move in the right direction over the next 12 months to be in a position to hit all our future goals.  Exciting times ahead!”

– Paula O’Reilly, Wills and Trusts Chartered Financial Planners