The WOWW! Workshop


Do you ever  feel there is more you could achieve – within your business or for yourself? 


We hear this all the time which is why we designed The WOWW!® Workshop™


We are all guilty at times of fighting our way through each day, putting out the fires as they light, but this way of working is simply not sustainable. Other than trying to kill yourself off, it’s just  NOT good business!


At the same time, the world around us is changing. ‘Good’, ‘better’ or even ‘best’ are no longer good enough.  As consumers, customers and clients, we are all getting that little bit more demanding every day. That’s why it’s now all about  WOWW!®


Join Little Miss WOWW! at this exclusive workshop where  she will share with you an exclusive insight into The 12 Concepts of WOWW!® including:


How to create your own magic by envisioning The Future You™
How to incorporate The 10 Ways of WOWWing the World™ into everything that you do, all of the time
How to design, build and inspire your team
How to create a culture of collaboration in your business


Designed for financial services professionals, these workshops promise  to totally  INSPIRE and refocus your attention by pushing your boundaries, altering your reality and increasing your future potential both personally and professionally!  It’s time to create a life and a business by design and not by accident.


Please remember, these workshops aren’t just for financial advisers and business owners…We know that all to often those in support roles (business managers, paraplanners and administrators) are also looking for  ways to help them be as awesome  as they can be.


So send them along, don’t keep them cooped up in the office. You never know, it  may even surprise you both  how much value  they come back with!


For every sign-up to our WOWW!® Workshops™, a donation will be made to Phase, our local charity partner. Learn more about our culture of giving back here.


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Our next workshop is taking place on Wednesday 25 November 2020. Register via the Events page of our website. 

For a taster of content covered in The WOWW!® Workshop™, click below to download our workbook for The Future You™.


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Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some fabulous feedback we’ve received from previous workshop delegates:


“A highly motivating day, packed full of ideas and great  case studies from leading financial advisers”


“For anybody who hasn’t invested time in their business, this is a MUST to attend”


“Inspiring session, with key point: take the  time to think about yourself and your business”


“The most thought-provoking seminar I’ve ever attended both professionally and personally, to hear WOWW! is one thing, to feel it is another!”


“Michelle always inspires and she delivers even more than she promises!”