Appeals and complaints

The appeals process

Standards International Ltd makes decisions to grant certification based upon factual evidence gained during an assessment process. Should a client consider that a decision is flawed, Standards International Ltd operates an appeals process whereby the decision will be independently reviewed.


Appeals must be submitted in writing (letter, fax or email) to the Service Delivery and Relationship  Assistant (SDRA) together with sufficient information to support the appeal and enable a review to be completed.


Without information to support the grounds on which an appeal is being made, a review cannot be undertaken.


Appeals are dealt with impartially in a non-discriminatory manner and will not affect a client’s standing with Standards International Ltd.


All appeals will be acknowledged by the SDRA and then passed onto the Quality Manager who will then inform the client if there are insufficient grounds or information for the appeal to proceed or request additional information.


Valid appeals will be reported to the Standards International  Best Practice Development Forum  at the next scheduled meeting.


The outcome of all appeals will be notified to the appellant.


The appeals process is monitored by the Standards International  Best Practice Development Forum  to ensure that all appeal decisions are made fairly and equitably.


The decisions from the appeals process will be considered as being final.


The appeals process is detailed further in OP11. Click here to download.

The complaints process

Standards International Ltd endeavours to provide the best possible service. However, should a client feel the need to complain we take this very seriously and operate a complaints investigation and resolution process as outlined below.


Complaints should be submitted to Standards International Ltd in writing in the form of a letter, fax or email.


All complaints should be addressed to the Quality Manager who will endeavour to acknowledge complaints within two working days of receipt with investigations being completed within ten working days or, if a longer period is necessary, the client will be informed of the expected timescale.


All complaints are logged on the Standards International Complaints Log.


If a client’s complaint is regarding the certification service of Standards International then the complaint will also be passed for review at the next internal audit.


Standards International Ltd will make every effort to bring complaints to a satisfactory conclusion following initial investigation.


However, should this not prove possible we have an escalation process with the Managing Director determining final closure.


Further, all complaints are reviewed regularly to identify improvements which can be made.


Complaints received are dealt with impartially in a non-discriminatory manner and will not affect a client’s standing with Standards International Ltd.


The complaints process is detailed further in OP12. Click here to download.