The Standards International Academy™

Standards International is  the leading dedicated certification body in the UK for businesses and individuals looking to achieve:


BS 8577    Framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services

BS 8453  Compliance framework for regulated  financial services firms

ISO 22222  Personal financial planning – requirements for personal financial planners


The Paraplanner Standard™  –  Requirements for International Professional Paraplanners.


We also understand the need to be there for our clients. This was the driving force behind the creation of The Standards International Academy™, giving us the opportunity to share and deliver our certification services and so much more. Our membership options have been designed both to provide you with a helping hand so that you can achieve best practice and to support your journey towards achieving and maintaining standards certification.


Those who embark on this amazing journey are rewarded with benefits in abundance, including:

slicker, more efficient, more effective internal and client-facing processes

recognition from their peers, professional connections and clients that business excellence is firmly at the heart of what they do

increased business and marketing opportunities

a central feeling of a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) culture, created by a single focus on achieving the highest possible standards in financial services

… and that’s just for starters!


To learn  more about framework-based best practice British and International standards and start your journey towards achieving operational excellence, download the Standards International – Your Guide to Excellence booklet from our web shop today.

Fees for membership to The Standards International Academy™ are outlined below.

Membership to The Standards International Academy™ is by application only. Fees are likely to reduce where multiple applications for membership and certification services are received.  Should you wish to purchase multiple standards please contact us as a combined purchase discount may apply. Application forms an expression of interest only. Upon receipt of an application, membership or standalone assessment fees will be calculated and a fee schedule will be prepared for your signature. Signed receipt of a fee schedule will confirm your agreement to proceed.

Want to prove you’re the best in the business?

If  you are ready to  raise the bar and achieve your true potential, apply now to join The Standards International Academy™.


“I have found the discipline of following the requirements of BS 8577  and ISO 22222  to be extremely beneficial to the business and after 6 years of membership it has only got better and better.

I have recommended the accreditations to many other advisers but I have emphasised that it is not a certificate to be obtained and ‘stuck on the wall.’ It is a whole philosophy and a way of working on a day-to-day basis which, if taken fully on board, will only benefit the adviser, the company, and the client.”


– Alan Moran, Interface Financial Planning