Financial Abuse Specialist

Specialist help for those in need…

With an increase in the identification of cases of financial abuse and coercive control, there has never been a greater need to protect those who sadly fall victim to it and financial professionals are perfectly placed to help support their clients through a traumatic journey.


Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified status will allow victims, survivors and/or their friends and family to identify and select certified specialists in their locality who have proven their knowledge and expertise to support and guide safely in this area.


Through a course of online learning and a final assessment designed to demonstrate the application of your knowledge, you can achieve Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified status: a unique global mark of best practice excellence and a beacon of hope for those who need it.

Certification encompasses:


  • An understanding of the topic and skills needed to handle a case of suspected financial abuse
  • Stories, profiles and case studies
  • Resources, guides and recommended actions
  • Tips to help you build your own toolkit for supporting a person who is suffering financial abuse
  • An extensive subject knowledge library
  • Global sector-specific advice and guidance on what you can do to support a victim through the journey to becoming a survivor
  • Recommended next steps and courses of action should you identify a case of financial abuse.

Sadly, financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale. It can occur irrespective of socio-economic category, level of education, race, sex or ethnicity.


This course is designed to introduce and educate around the topic of financial abuse at a foundational level, via subject reading, links to additional resource materials and a series of powerful video case studies. There is a final assessment process that needs to be completed in order for certification to be formally awarded.


For every course sign-up a donation will be made to Global Citizen, who are working to increase education and eradicate poverty worldwide in line with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


The details…


Tell me more about the course, learning benefits and costs…

Access to the course materials and completion of the final assessment process costs £697+VAT in the UK and the equivalent to £697 globally. The course provides 8 hours of CPD training, formally accredited by the AFA (Association of Financial Advisers) in Australia. Certification is renewable on the anniversary of the initial assessment at a reduced fee of £375+VAT in the UK and the equivalent of £375 globally. Certification then becomes renewable every 2 years thereafter at the £375 (+VAT in the UK) fee.


What does the course cover?

The course provides an understanding of the topic and skills needed to handle a case of suspected financial abuse, together with recommended next steps and courses of action.


Is the course self-guided and how long does the course take to complete?

The course is designed to be completed online from anywhere in the world and we would recommend allocating the equivalent of one day for intensive learning. Participants can mark each section complete in their own time and the course contains a wealth of additional resources and onward links to further content.


How is the course assessed?

The final assessment process is designed to enable you to demonstrate the application of your knowledge. This is achieved via a three-stage submittal of supplementary evidence, including a case study, document suite and video testimonial. A final assessment workbook is included within the course to explain the process in more detail.


Is certification renewable?

Yes, certification is valid for an initial period of one year, after which you can apply to undergo a renewal process. If successful, renewal will take place every two years thereafter.


Be the change…


Every day there are people suffering from financial abuse, often with very little knowledge of where to go for much-needed support. By undertaking the Financial Abuse Specialist™ certification course you will be helping to make a difference and be the light at the end of someone’s very dark tunnel.

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