Client Commitment

Our Client Commitment

We strive to work only with clients who are as unique as we are, who share our values and who embrace ‘excellence’ as their standard.

Our commitment

Our promises to you – as a member of our client ‘family’, you can expect that:


  • We commit to being open, honest and accountable and to acting competently, responsibly, reliably and fairly at all times
  • You can call on us for any matter that is concerning you – however small or apparently insignificant!
  • Your deadlines are as important to us as they are to you
  • We will give priority to your interests and will disclose and fairly manage any conflicts of interest
  • You will have the opportunity to meet our great team, especially those who will be working closely with you
  • Our team commits to ongoing continual professional development, which ensures that we can deal with your requirements competently
  • No solutions will be recommended without us having a full and in-depth understanding of what you are trying to achieve over the longer term
  • We will do our utmost to stick to agreed meeting dates and times, except in extreme circumstances
  • We will keep all information about you, your business and your team, private and confidential
  • All explanations and documentation will be presented to you in a simple and clear manner
  • We will give you access to unique opportunities and expertise that are not available to the wider market
  • We will measure, manage and provide you with regular updates on the status of any ongoing project
  • We will always take a genuine interest in you and your team, and we promise to take care of you and your business as if it were our own.

Our expectations

As your certification and/or WOWW!® services provider, we expect that:


  • You are open and honest at all times – the more we know, the more we can help!
  • You make us aware of any relevant timeframes, budgets and objectives
  • You read all the documents and information that we present to you
  • You ask if you do not understand something or require further clarification
  • You trust our recommendations and allow us to act comprehensively on your behalf
  • You follow our guidance and, where recommended, act on our advice
  • You will, when required, prepare in full for our meetings and discussions
  • You keep us informed of any changes to you both personally and professionally that may affect any current or ongoing projects
  • You pay our fees as set out in our agreements
  • You support our plans to grow Standards International by identifying new business or referral opportunities for us
  • You communicate with us. If we do something that you don’t like, please let us know and give us the opportunity to put it right
  • You behave as an ambassador for our business and speak positively about our relationship, partnership and the work that we do together.

All great relationships are built on collaboration and teamwork, and we look forward to working with you!