ISO 22222

Putting relationships at the heart of financial planning…

The only international quality standard for providing personal financial planning, ISO 22222 Personal Financial Planning – requirements for personal financial planners is the global benchmark for professional excellence. ISO 22222 increases consumer confidence by providing a recognised framework for best practice.


At the core of ISO 22222 are the key stages of the personal financial planning process; yet, unlike other frameworks, ISO 22222 covers so much more. Aligned to these key steps is a series of business-critical elements, all of which help financial planners to operate in a truly professional manner.


The standard encompasses:


  • Personal behaviour, operational and financial management
  • Ethical principles and ethical financial planning
  • Competence and experience
  • Continual improvement
  • Information security, client confidentiality and data protection
  • Compliance, risk management and business continuity
  • The key stages of the personal financial planning process
  • Best practice tools, templates and guides


Understanding, implementing and adhering to this international standard of excellence will increase your professionalism by demonstrating how the application of your expertise creates the best outcomes for your clients.


To check that you meet our minimum eligibility criteria,   review the list of pre-requisites  here.


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Certification to ISO 22222 can be delivered through membership to The Standards International Academy™ or standalone. Details of fees can be found here (do feel free to contact us directly to explore multiple membership applications and/or international applications) and you can purchase your copy of ISO 22222 in our online shop.

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“For me, it’s an endorsement that clients like. It’s a third-party assessment of our processes and gives comfort we aren’t going to  leave anything uncovered.”

Andrew Reeves, The Investment   Coach Ltd


“I would recommend attaining this internationally recognised award to stand out from the crowd.” 

Darron Whitehead, Utopia Group


“We have always strived to get things right and do the right thing by clients – it’s nice to have an external assessment that’s able to recognise that.”
Mandy Caunt, Moerae Life Financial Planning


“It’s a really good discipline to have your work externally validated. I find the ISO 22222 process really helpful in encouraging me to regularly evaluate my work and how I interact with clients.”

Julian Parrott, Ethical Futures


“This is the most valuable process I have gone through and provides a top quality, external insight as to what we are doing.”

-David McCabe, Five Point Consulting