BS 8577

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BS 8577 Framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services is the only British Standard for financial planning and advice businesses. It specifies best practice for embedding an effective operational management system, which will  also  support adherence to ISO 22222 Personal financial planning – Requirements for personal financial planners.


BS 8577 increases client confidence by supporting your business to provide the highest possible standard of service. The scope of the standard spans your entire organisation, thereby enabling your team to perform at their highest operational level and achieve their true potential.


The standard encompasses:


  • Nine overarching principles of practice
  • Management commitment and review
  • Objectives and policies
  • Compliance
  • Outsourcing
  • Document and record control
  • Recruitment, training and development
  • Client relationship management
  • The operational framework for organisations delivering financial advice and planning services
  • Best practice tools, templates and guides


Understanding, implementing and adhering to this British standard of excellence will increase your business efficiency and galvanise your team.


Watch as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about  BS 8577  certification :




Certification to BS 8577 can be delivered through membership to The Standards International Academy™ or standalone. Details of fees can be found here (do feel free to contact us directly to explore multiple membership applications and/or international applications) and you can purchase your copy of BS 8577 in our online shop.

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Huw Jones, Proposito Financial Planning


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Sue Tucker,  Hampshire Hill


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Iain Mackie, Fraser Wealth Management


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Rhonda Newman, Gould FP


“The confidence in knowing that a second pair of eyes has looked at the firm and reviewed what we do is important to us and our clients. It helps to improve advice standards in a manner that is evidential and measurable. It is more than just setting inputs and assuming the outputs will be fine – it is about testing the outputs to ensure that the inputs are correct and producing the right results, and if not, putting them right. We would certainly recommend the experience of engaging with you.”

-Mandy Caunt, Moerae Life Financial Planning